Opportunity awaits

Love your work  

Love Your Freedom

The freedom to focus on what matters

We love that everyone brings their own ideas, experiences and expertise to Lumino. So we give you the trust, respect, support and flexibility to be yourself, have clinical freedom and focus on what matters most – providing clinical best practice, giving your patients the very best care and growing a successful business. Enjoy the best of both lifestyle and career with us. We strongly believe in having a flexible work environment, where no two days are the same and our teams enjoy a healthy work life balance. So you’ll get to enjoy the best of both lifestyle & career.

At Lumino you’ll have clinical autonomy and make the decisions around what treatments you provide, payment options you offer, appointment lengths you require and the best possible experience for your patients. We care about supporting you building rapport with your patients and in turn creating a loyal patient database, which means you will have continuity and ownership for their expert dental care.

Love Your Business

The support to do what you do best

We’re here to help you do what you do best and we do that through a range of dedicated support, tools and resources. With a focus on providing the best patient experience possible, our clinicians appreciate being supported with the day-to-day running of their practice. This includes Practice Managers, Dental Assistants and Receptionists, online resources and information, in-depth business support, and preferred supplier agreements.

Delivering on our purpose of Healthy, Happy Patients for life we lead with the support of our dedicated Clinical Advisors who:

  • Provide support and advice
  • Share knowledge
  • Enable collaboration
  • Develop clinical best practice guidance
  • Support ongoing access to CPD courses and training, plus support in meeting Dental Council of New Zealand practice standards.
Love Your Value

The opportunity to grow and learn

At Lumino, we recognise that our success is a reflection of our people and we know that our people love to grow and learn, so we give everyone the opportunity and resources to do so. With the strength of a close-knit collective of like-minded yet diverse people, we’re backed by the strength, scale and capability of New Zealand’s largest network of dental practices, which allows us the opportunity to provide high quality, evidence based dentistry to our patients. We have everything you need to find your place, travel across our network of over 270 practices in Australia and New Zealand, feel at home and achieve your version of success, including a wide range of online courses, mentoring and training as well as business development support.

  • Ongoing training and development opportunities
  • Support in meeting Dental Council of New Zealand practice standards
  • Unique benefit packages and support.
  • Lumino support networks such as graduate programmes, online forums and clinical compliance and educational webinars
  • Mentorship, including the opportunity to mentor new starters and also learn from our lead clinicians and practitioners experienced in general practice
  • Business development support including daily rate recommendations, appointment management, fee reviews and best practise, and treatment management
  • Opportunity to relocate within the Abano Healthcare network to help you meet your career or lifestyle goals
  • Supplier support to help you build on your knowledge and skills, such as Invisalign training
Love Your Future

The guidance to keep your practice busy with full books

Growing and retaining patients is the key to a successful dental practice. At Lumino, we give you everything you need to build and grow your business – without the stress. As a trusted and popular provider of dental services within New Zealand, our practices offer high patient flow across a mixture of treatments that will give you variety and the opportunity to take on new challenges. Our clinicians enjoy having healthy books in a busy practice environment and the ability to build and keep patients.

We offer support with collaborative marketing and operational processes, customer relationship management, a dedicated practice support team and call centre, a variety of patient payment plans as well as access to Abano partners.

As part of the Lumino network, you’ll get access to:

  • A loyal, long term patient database
  • Strong flow of new patients
  • Patient demand for high value, complex treatment plans
  • Strong brand awareness and trust, with 88% brand awareness nationwide
  • A range of services available to patients from check-ups to orthodontics to implants and veneers
  • Payment plans, method and offers to suit a variety of patients
  • Diverse teams with a wide range of skill to meet your patients’ needs, including digital marketing, community engagement and business support to help manage patient requests
Love your tech

The innovation and technology to provide exceptional patient experience

At Lumino you’ll get access to leading technology and modern systems to help you succeed. From CADS-CAM to digital dentistry, we’ve got you and your patients covered. We’re also continually investing in our practices and finding new ways to provide exceptional service, through new technology and equipment. Our growth plans are exciting, with many practice expansions on the horizon.

We’re continually investing in our practices and finding new ways to provide exceptional service in our practices, through new technology and modern equipment including:

  • New dental chairs across the network
  • Al technology and innovation
  • Dental digital workflows

Our growth plans are exciting, with many practice expansions and modern makeovers on the horizon.


What we value most about Lumino

We Only Bring Our Best

We strive for excellence in everything we do. By going the extra mile, we aim to do things better every day. It also helps us stay ahead of the game. And when we deliver a brilliant patient experience, we earn their loyalty and grow our reputation.

How we do this

  • Work above and beyond the call of duty
  • Grow and share our knowledge and ideas
  • Always strive to improve
  • Prepare in advance so we can exceed expectations.

We Play As A Team

Working together with kindness and collaboration gets us moving faster towards our goals. It allows us all to employ our strengths, use our experience, make good decisions and create quality outcomes. Plus it makes our working day more enjoyable.

How we do this

  • Communicate better by being open and honest with each other,
  • and listen to others’ points of view
  • co-operate with each other, sometimes sacrificing our needs for the greater good
  • show that we value every different role in our team, no matter how big or how small
  • Welcome new challenges and embrace change

We Respect Each Other

Respect is the glue that holds our relationships and workplaces together. Our patients and our colleagues thrive when we respect who they are, what they need and how they like to be treated.

How we do this

  • Understand and get to know each other
  • Believe everyone has a part to play in delivering great dental care
  • Encourage a diverse range of voices and perspectives in our team
  • Accept other people and value them for who they are